Sarah Palin’s GOP

Right off the edge of the World
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Sarah Palin’s general attitude seems to be that their shit don’t stink up there in Alaska. After flirting with an Alaskan secessionist movement (apparently that’s what “real” Americans do up there), she became governor. As governor, she treated the lower 48 to a an endless recitation of pseudo-folksiness, extolling Alaska’s many virtues. One would have [...]

An Attempt At Censorship(0)

Palin is giving a lot of flack for her recent participation in the documentary How Palin Got Elected.  She apparently is not happy that her attempt to bring down the media and bloggers backfired.  After calling “anonymous” bloggers liars and accusing the “mainstream media” for being political and sexist, she can’t understand why people are [...]

The “diss”(1)

What are we to think of  Caribou Barbie now? The election is over, she’s had her fifteen minutes of fame plus. She’s dragged it out in every way conceivable, by giving interviews, speeches, ignoring her duties as governor of the “great state of Alaska” which, as it turns out, exists in much the same way [...]

Don’t Judge a Region, Judge Palin(0)

Sarah Palin may be very smart in the populous political sense, but seriously.  Have you listened to her?  She is dumb.  And she is dumb because she is dumb, not because everyone from Alaska is dumb.  Sarah Palin is not a measure of geographical intelligence.  Her lack of understanding of national and international issues is [...]

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